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🏁 Starting Out

🔎 Sourcing

📧 Engaging

💬 Interviewing

📞 Following Up

🤝 Managing Stakeholders

😁 Closing

🙋 Onboarding

🤖 AI for Recruiting **New**

🗣️ Social Selling **New**

🌟 Personal Branding **New**

📊 Reporting & Tools

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🏁 Starting Out

Designing Job In-Take Forms

ContactOut’s Definitive Guide to Mastering Intake Meetings & Job Intake Forms

📌 Hiring Manager-Recruiter Intake Meeting Questions

📝 ContactOut’s Job Intake Form **🐸 Our own template!**

📝 Recruiting Intake Form Template: Here’s the basics. Turn it into your own

📝 Template: Intake form by TalentDrop

Talent Mapping

ContactOut’s Definitive Guide to Talent Mapping

📌 Talent Mapping: How to Build a Strong Sourcing Strategy  ⭐ Our top choice!

📌 Talent Mapping for Recruiters

Setting Up The Hiring Process

ContactOut’s Definitive Guide to Setting Up the Hiring Process

📌 How to build a recruitment process: comes with a downloadable template